Canadian Spouse Visa Lawyer

Providing Certainty to a Long-Term Relationship

Spouses find each other in many different and unique ways. In the modern age of technology and ease of international travel, it is not uncommon for a Canadian person to meet a future spouse outside of the country. When committed partners decide to live together on a long-term basis, it is, and should be, a happy occasion. Providing couples with the assistance they need to fulfil Canadian immigration requirements in order to reunite in Canada is part of the work we do at Morley Law Office in Kingston, Ontario.

Guiding You and Your Spouse through the Canada Immigration Process

Simply being married to a Canadian is not enough to satisfy the immigration requirements to enter Canada. Although a Canadian can sponsor his or her married or common law spouse, that spouse must still apply to be a permanent resident and satisfy admissibility requirements.

As a seasoned immigration lawyer in Ontario, I, Leslie H. Morley, and my staff at Morley Law Office are experienced with the process of helping spouses secure the right to stay together in Canada. We have helped individuals from more than 100 countries to come here with the intent to build a successful future. We are committed to helping you find the strong legal grounding you and your spouse need to begin your life in Canada.

Immigration law is complex, and even small, unintentional errors in paperwork can have serious future ramifications. Even if you are a born and bred Canadian, a lawyer's assistance is necessary and invaluable to ensure your spouse's status is acquired and maintained. When we meet with you, we will discuss your family's goals for the future, which may include bringing other family members to Canada.

Kingston Solicitor for Spouse Immigration to Canada

For information about joining your spouse in Canada, and to speak to a lawyer about visas for spouses of Canadians, get in touch with me. Contact my office at 613‑542‑2192 in Kingston or contact me online.

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