Guidance from Kingston’s First Immigration Lawyer for Spouses

Immigration law is complex, and even small, unintentional errors in paperwork can have serious future ramifications.  Even if you are a born and bred Canadian, it can be difficult to navigate the ever-changing process and, for this reason, we have represented many other lawyers who have wanted to immigrate to Canada, or to sponsor a family member here.  Further, although a Canadian can sponsor his or her married spouse, common-law spouse or same-sex partner, the applicant must still satisfy admissibility requirements.  If he or she does not, the application will be refused.  We can assist you to overcome your inadmissibility issues.

There are immigration options available that can make your transition to Canada smoother.  There is more than one way to apply and, in some cases, you may be able to live in Canada with your spouse while the application is being processed, and a permit to work in Canada may be available.  With assistance, you can determine what details of the interactions that you have had with border officials are retained in the immigration authorities’ records about you so that, if they are problematic, we can address them head-on in the application. If you have property to bring into the country with you, we can assist you understand how to organize its importation.

Immigration application forms change often, and up-to-date versions must be filed.  Supporting documents must be current, legible, relevant and, if necessary, translated.  For more information about joining your spouse in Canada, contact our spouse visa lawyer in Kingston at 613‑542‑2192 to get the necessary legal guidance.  When we meet with you, we will discuss your family’s goals for the future, which may include bringing other family members to Canada.

Kingston Solicitor for Spouse Immigration to Canada

As a seasoned immigration lawyer in Ontario, Leslie H. Morley and his staff at Morley Law Office are experienced with the process of helping spouses secure the right to stay together in Canada. We have helped scores of people from more than 125 countries fulfill their dream to build a successful future together in Canada. We are committed to helping you find the strong legal grounding you and your spouse need to begin your life in Canada.

Begin Your Life in Canada with Your Spouse

If you want to get past the barriers that are preventing your spouse or partner from joining you, we can help.