As a former resident of the United States who has lived and worked a short drive from the Canadian-American border all of his life, Leslie Morley understands the issues in crossing the line and transitioning to life in Canada.  Kingston, the city in which his practice is located, is closely connected economically, socially and culturally with the communities of northern New York and Vermont which are located on the other side of the frontier.  While we share a common language and traditions, Canadians and Americans are very different people.  Many Americans find re-establishing themselves in Canada to be more complicated than they anticipated.

At Morley Law Office, our lawyers can help you to assess your immigration options and determine whether or not there are potential barriers to your admissibility to Canada.  As an experienced immigration attorney practising in Kingston, Leslie H. Morley can help plan the strategy you need to secure your permanent residency in Canada and, ultimately, your Canadian citizenship.  For qualified guidance on immigration to Canada from the United States, and potential routes to Canadian citizenship, get in touch with us online.  You can also call our local number at 613‑542‑2192.


Attaining Canadian citizenship is not easy.  Immigration here is a complex process even for newcomers from a friendly neighbouring country such as the United States.  As Canada is such a popular immigrant destination, there are many more applications filed than Canada can accept, and no special favoritism is shown for applicants from the U.S.  Further, rules and policies are frequently changing.  Being a lawyer experienced with U.S. immigration to Canada, Leslie H. Morley will ensure that you pick the immigration program that matches your needs and objectives, including those few that are specifically designed for American residents.

Moreover, Morley Law office is easily accessible to American travellers.  We are located half an hour from the U.S.-Canada border crossing through the Thousand Islands, at the northern terminus of Interstate 81, a relatively short drive from such U.S. cities as Watertown, Syracuse, Albany, New York City, Boston, Providence and Philadelphia.  In fact, Kingston is the closest non-American city to most of these communities. It is located midway between Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, and is a relatively short drive from each.  We have clients in all three of these Canadian cities and have made regular appearances at hearings and regular professional presentations in each of them.

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Looking to make a change? Apply to become a member of one of the world’s most diverse, tolerant and welcoming societies, with its strong and generous social safety net. Become a Canadian citizen. Give us a call!