Become a Canadian Citizen: Canadian Citizenship Lawyer in Kingston

Securing Canadian citizenship can seem like running a marathon for most foreign nationals, but completing the journey produces many rewards.  As with any difficulty journey it is best begun, not just with the first step, but with a carefully crafted strategy to get past the obstacles one can anticipate along the way to the destination.  At Morley Law Office in Kingston, Ontario, our immigration lawyer, Leslie H. Morley, will help you devise your strategy, and guide you through the various twists and turns along the route.  Contact our Canadian citizenship lawyer in Kingston if, if you are uncertain about your eligibility, need help formulating your strategy, or are facing barriers along the way.

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

For many, citizenship is a kind of insurance policy. In addition to the benefits of citizenship that enhance your feeling of membership in the Canadian community, such as the right to vote and to carry a Canadian passport, citizenship gives you the right to remain in Canada or, should you choose to leave it for a time, to return any time in the future. If you have secured citizenship legitimately and have not misrepresented your circumstances, citizenship is insurance against deportation and can give you the means to sponsor your family to join you in Canada.

To obtain permanent residency, you must meet strict criteria, but, even if you do so, there is no guarantee you will retain it indefinitely.  Some people believe permanent resident status is like citizenship, but in fact it is revocable in certain circumstances.  To ensure that you have the possibility of remaining in Canada indefinitely, or to leave Canada and have the right to return whenever you like, you should apply for citizenship.  We can help you to do that.

Experienced Canadian Immigration Barrister in Kingston

Canadian citizenship law is like a structure with many levels, because each successive version of citizenship legislation is built upon and incorporates the version that precedes it.  As a consequence, determining eligibility can be a complicated and highly technical process.  To avoid making mistakes, wasting time, and needlessly expending your money on processing fees, rely on our lawyer to get the certainty you need in the citizenship process. For more information, call us at 613‑542‑2192 in Kingston or contact us online.

Avail the Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

Let us assist you to build your strategy to become a Canadian citizen.