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Unless you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you have no right enter or remain in Canada.  Even permanent residents who have lived in Canada for decades can lose their status and be temporarily or even permanently barred from entering Canada, or deported.  To obtain citizenship in Canada, admissibility criteria must be maintained even if a foreign-born permanent resident has lived here for nearly all of his or her life.  We can help you to address these issues and overcome them. Call us at 613‑542‑2192 or contact us online.

Overcoming Inadmissibility

If you are already in Canada, an offence or evidence of inaccuracies in your immigration application can result in deportation proceedings.  Even those who have spent a lifetime in Canada, and know little of their country of birth, may be subject to removal from Canada because of a conviction for only one offence.  If you have one or more criminal convictions preventing your immigration or citizenship application from going through, thus threatening your status in Canada, or if you have other barriers to obtaining legal immigration status in Canada, our inadmissibility lawyer in Kingston can help you.  Having practised successfully in this area for more than three decades, we can develop a plan to remove those barriers to the achievement of your objectives, and advocate for you to get the status in Canada that you are seeking. 

Immigration Rehabilitation Application Barrister

Criminal offences, whether committed outside Canada or within Canadian borders, can be a basis  for the Canadian immigration authorities to deny your entry into Canada.  Sometimes, what is a crime in some countries is not a crime in Canada; therefore, if you have a conviction in your home country for something you did there that is prohibited here, we can make a case for you to enter or remain in Canada.  If you were convicted Canada, we can help get you a pardon.  As a seasoned immigration lawyer who has practised in this area for more than 30 years, Leslie H. Morley, can provide you with the representation you need.  To learn more about our legal services and about how we can be your advocate to overcome your inadmissibility and establish your rehabilitation, contact Morley Law Office.

Helping You Stop Deportation

Like all areas of the law, deportation law is complex and constantly in flux. As long as you are a either a temporary or permanent resident you can be deported not only for infractions that happened in Canada, but also for those that occurred in any other country. The interplay of Canadian and foreign criminal law – both of which are ever-changing – is relevant in determining the outcome.  If you are facing deportation, hiring an experienced lawyer will help to ensure your case is fairly determined and will safeguard your future.  Since deportation proceedings are time-sensitive, it is important to secure legal counsel quickly.  As an experienced immigration lawyer practising in Kingston, Leslie H. Morley, can be your advocate to delay or prevent deportation proceedings.

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