Comprehensive Immigration Services in Ontario

Your unique circumstances may determine your need for one or more legal services. The role of a good immigration lawyer is to first understand your objectives, then to develop a strategy based on your particular needs, and then to help you to execute that strategy. At Morley Law Office we offer to those in Ontario and beyond a complete suite of immigration services focused on your objective: whether it is to become a Canadian citizen; to secure permanent residency; to visit, study or work in Canada; to avoid deportation; or to realize any other goal that is unique to you. Our experienced immigration lawyer, Leslie H. Morley, will assist you to develop a clear vision of how the Canadian immigration process can unfold for you, and guide you on your road ahead.

Our Practice Areas

If you are considering relocating to Canada, we have got you covered. Our practice areas include:

In addition to immigration, we also represent detained people who need immigration advice. We offer prison law services for those who require advocacy on a broad range of issues while incarcerated

Professional Guidance for Immigration

Leslie H. Morley’s extensive experience as an immigration lawyer allows him to recommend the best immigration process to meet your unique needs. He understands the complex bureaucracy and regulatory regime that govern Canadian immigration. He can help you effectively navigate through the visa application and immigration procedures to achieve your objectives.

Discuss your goals with regard to Canadian citizenship and immigration with our Ontario immigration lawyer. Call us at 613 542 2192 or contact us online.

Discuss Your Immigration Needs

We can advocate for your visa and help maximize the outcomes of your visa applications.