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In Canada, as in most immigrant destination countries, there are many barriers to the entry of visitors.  Among them are visa requirements that restrict access to Canada to those with adequate funds for the length of their stay, the need to establish a good reason to visit, and a strong reason to return home at the end of the visit.  If you are coming for a holiday, to study or to work, these potential barriers must be addressed.  To address them requires narrative and framing rooted in evidence, and to formulate the narrative and to set the framing requires creativity and experience.  Whether you are seeking to visit Canada or want to work or study here, our immigration barrister in Kingston can help you to identify and successfully apply for a visa you need.

Know the Rules

Citizens of many countries require visas to visit Canada. If you are planning to come here from such a country, you will have to convince the immigration authorities that you meet all the requirements of the visitor category that you select, as a tourist, student, worker or business visitor.  Each of these categories has specific requirements, and you must meet the requirements of the category to be admitted.  If a visa or permit is necessary, you will be required to complete forms, accumulate documents and make the case for your admission based on the rules.  Often perspective and imagination are needed to fit your application within the rules, and that is where the experience of your advocate is important

Temporary Visa Barrister in Kingston

If you or a loved one is interested in visiting Canada from Africa, Latin America or another visa-required region, get in touch with us. We have successfully assisted foreign nationals to visit, study and work in Ontario for more than three decades. To contact us, call 613‑542‑2192. You are also welcome to contact our office online.

Get Employment Authorization in Canada

Securing authorization to work in Canada requires navigating through layers of bureaucracy.  In simple terms, you must convince Canada that you should be a temporary part of its workforce. To secure employment you must secure permission to come to Canada temporarily; to satisfy the authorities that you will not take employment from a Canadian or, in the alternative, that you are exempt from that requirement; that you can do the job; that you will have the resources to support yourself; and that you will leave Canada at the end of the visit.  If you are facing difficulty qualifying to come to or work in Canada, we can work with you assist you to show that your application meets the criteria, and to overcome your inadmissibility.  The government of Canada receives applications from workers in a wide spectrum of fields, including the professions and the trades.  At Morley Law Office, we can advise you on working in Canada, regardless of your work experience.

Canadian Student Visa Barrister in Kingston, Ontario

Many post-secondary institutions welcome foreign students into their undergraduate and professional programs, and study permits permit successful applicants for study in these schools to enter Canada and remain here during the course of their study. Obtaining government approval of your study permit, however, may be challenging.  For many, a study permit can be the first step to citizenship, as a study permit can be parlayed into a work permit, and further into the applicant must map out and follow a strategy the right way from the beginning.  Even if you do not plan to immigrate, making sure your study permit is correctly obtained ensures that you can complete your studies successfully, and that you can come back to Canada afterwards. We have assisted students from around the globe to pursue higher education in Canada. If you need assistance, call us at 613‑542‑2192 for any queries. You can also contact us online.

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