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Opening the Doors to a New Life in Canada

When you are considering immigrating to Canada, you may intend to eventually become a citizen. Citizenship is a hard fought path for many people, and one that provides many rewards when it is obtained. At Morley Law Office in Kingston, Ontario, I, Leslie H. Morley, guide everyday people through the various stages of immigration to Canada and eventual citizenship. I am proud to welcome people here and to assist them through the process of immigration, even if they face barriers to admissibility or uncertainties about their eligibility.

Benefits of Citizenship

For many, citizenship is a kind of insurance policy. In addition to the benefits of citizenship that enhance your feeling of membership in the Canadian community, such as the right to vote and to carry a Canadian passport, citizenship gives you a right to remain in Canada. If you have secured citizenship legitimately and have not misrepresented your circumstances, citizenship is insurance against deportation and can give you the means to sponsor your family to join you in Canada.

Permanent resident status, which some people understand as temporary citizenship, is a required precursor to full citizenship. To obtain permanent resident status, you must undergo several legal steps. From the moment you begin on a path to citizenship in Canada, the information you provide to government must be consistent and accurate. When documentation is complex and forms are confusing, it is easy to make mistakes that jeopardize your status. As an experienced immigration lawyer, I can help you forge a path to Canada.

Canadian Immigration Barrister in Kingston

For more information about how a Canadian citizenship lawyer can provide you with the certainty you need in the immigration process, get in touch with me. Call me at 613‑542‑2192 in Kingston or contact me online.

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