Immigration Lawyer for Working in Canada

Helping You to Get Employment Authorization

When you are considering a move to Canada, you probably intend to secure employment. In general, you must get permission to come to Canada on a temporary basis first and then get authorization to work. As an immigration lawyer, I have helped many people come to Canada and work here. I am Leslie H. Morley, and I have spent more than 2 decades practising immigration law at my Kingston, Ontario, practice, Morley Law Office. If you are thinking of working in Canada, I can help you do it the right way.

An Advisor on Immigration to Canada

Securing work authorization in Canada involves layers of bureaucracy. In essence, you must convince Canada that you should be a part of its workforce. Every day, talented and qualified individuals face barriers to entry into Canada and into the Canadian job market. I have helped people from many countries come here, establish themselves and gain access to employment.

Canada has many rules surrounding work immigration. As your lawyer, I can help you through the process of executing a skilled worker application or an application to study in or visit this country. If you are facing difficulty qualifying to come to Canada, I can work with you and represent your interests in order to overcome inadmissibility. Trained and experienced in the area of immigration law, I can offer you guidance on the best way to get to Canada to work.

Canadian Work Visa Solicitor in Kingston, Ontario

The government of Canada receives applications from workers in a wide spectrum of fields, including professions and trades. As an immigration lawyer, I can advise you on working in Canada, regardless of your work experience. To learn more about me and how I can help you, contact me online or call my Kingston office at 613‑542‑2192.

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