Immigration Lawyer for Visiting Canada

Accessibility for Visitors from Visa-Producing Countries

In Canada, as is the case in many countries, there are barriers to immigration. Among those barriers are restrictions that limit access to those who want only to visit Canada for a short period of time. Many of these visitors must obtain a visa before visiting. As an immigration lawyer, I, Leslie H. Morley, assist people with their immigration issues from my Kingston, Ontario, practice, Morley Law Office. I can help you to apply for a visitor’s visa the right away, so your application can be successful.

Knowing the Legal Rules

As of January 2013, among those who require visas to visit Canada are citizens of Mexico, Brazil, the People's Republic of China, the Philippines, Peru and Russia. If you are planning to come here from one of these or any of the dozens of other visa countries, you have options for your travel. You can apply to come to Canada as a tourist, as a parent or grandparent of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen, or as a business visitor. Each of these categories has specific requirements and you may be eligible to visit under one or more category.

As a licensed Canadian lawyer focused on immigration law, I can help you assess the best route for you to come to Canada as a visitor. I am happy to help. I can also answer any broader questions you have about Canadian immigration, which may include working in Canada or studying in Canada.

Temporary Visa Barrister in Kingston

If you or a loved one is interested in visiting Canada from Africa, Latin America or another visa-producing region, get in touch with me. I have had a successful practice in Ontario for more than 2 decades, and as an immigration lawyer, I know visiting Canada is important for many people, in particular those who have close family here. To contact my office, call me at 613‑542‑2192. You are also welcome to contact me online.

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