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In the wake of global economic uncertainty, many individuals are choosing to look outside of their own country for employment opportunities and financial stability. In this most recent period of fiscal unrest, Canada has fared well, making it one of the most desirable countries for immigrants to settle in to build a positive future. This is reflected in the very substantial numbers of temporary residents and immigrants Canada has received in recent years. If you would like to become one of them then, as an immigration lawyer based in Ontario, Canada's largest province, I can help you.

Benefits of Immigrating to Canada

Besides its stable financial institutions, there are a multitude of reasons why Americans choose to immigrate north. Canada's peaceful communities, inclusive society, multiculturalism, and secure social safety net combine to make it familiar and popular with those from the United States. Our common language and compatible culture foster the development of cross-border relationships, which often blossom into immigration sponsorships. Also, for Americans, Canada's proximity to the United States gives them the possibility of remaining in close contact with loved ones in their home country, while living abroad in a very different society. For these reasons, every year many thousands of Americans come north to Canada to work, study or live on long-term basis.

That does not mean it is easy to relocate to Canada, however. Immigration here is a complex process even for newcomers from friendly neighbouring countries such as the United States. This is at least in part because most Canadian immigration programs do not specifically create a preference for Americans. As Canada is such a popular immigrant destination, there are many more applications than Canada can accept, and so standards are high across the board. Rules and policy are frequently changing. A lawyer experienced with U.S. immigration to Canada is an important asset to ensure you pick the right program, including those few that are specifically designed for Americans, and so to ensure that the process of your immigration to Canada unfolds smoothly.

I can help you to assess your immigration options and how potential barriers to admissibility may affect you and your situation. As an experienced immigration lawyer, I can help you to overcome those barriers and plan the steps you need to take to secure a place in Canadian society.

An Immigration Lawyer Based in Kingston, Ontario

In addition to the experience and legal advice I can offer you, our firm is convenient for U.S. travelers. We are located half an hour from the U.S.-Canada border crossing at the head of Interstate 81, and a short drive from such U.S. cities as Watertown and Syracuse, New York. Kingston is the closest non-American city to New York City. It is located midway between Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, and is a relatively short drive from each. I have clients in all 3 cities and have made regular appearances at hearings in each of those cities.

Every applicant for immigration status is different. Some immigration programs work well for many applicants, but may not work for you. I can help to assess your immigration objectives to determine the most appropriate option. Also, I can assist you to determine if there are potential barriers to admissibility, how they may affect your application, and how to overcome them. In short, as an immigration lawyer with more than 25 years of experience, I can assist you to develop the strategy you need to adopt so that you can secure your place in Canadian society.

Solicitor for Immigrating to Canada from the USA

For advice on immigration to Canada from the United States, and potential routes to Canadian citizenship, get in touch with me. You can contact me online or call my office: locally at 613‑542‑2192 in Kingston, Ontario.

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