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Demonstrating Your Value to Canadian Society

Criminal offences, whether committed outside Canada or within Canadian borders, are justification for Canadian immigration authorities to deny your entry into Canada. If you have been denied entry on this basis, you do nonetheless have the ability to make your case for immigration into Canada. As a seasoned immigration lawyer who has practised in this area for more than 2 decades under the banner of Morley Law Office in Kingston, Ontario, I, Leslie H. Morley, can give you the representation you need.

Understanding the Nature of the Offence

An important part of making your case with regards to inadmissibility is understanding the nature of the offence for which you were charged. Sometimes, what is a crime in some countries is not a crime in Canada; therefore, if you have a conviction in your home country for something that is not prohibited here, you can make a case for your ability to enter this country.

Commonly, prospective immigrants to Canada have a mark on their record that is equally recognized in Canada as a crime or transgression that is taken seriously. However, many can argue in favour of their own admissibility on the basis of rehabilitation: that in the period of time since the offence, you have been a positive force in society and demonstrated positive behaviour. Many respected individuals with "white collar" jobs, who had a youthful indiscretion, for example, may fit into this category and successfully argue rehabilitation.

Immigration Rehabilitation Application Barrister: Serving Belleville

As a lawyer in Kingston, my rehabilitation experience can be to your benefit when you seek a new life in Canada. To learn more about my legal services and how I can be your advocate to excuse your inadmissibility for demonstrated good behaviour, contact my office. You can call me at 613‑542‑2192 in Kingston, Ontario. You are also welcome to contact me online.

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