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When you are in Canada, but not yet a citizen, you may be in a vulnerable legal position. The Canadian government can choose to deport you for a variety of reasons, from legal infractions to misrepresentations on immigration paperwork. Unfortunately, even those whose roots in Canada extend back decades — even into childhood — may find themselves the subject of a deportation action. As an experienced immigration lawyer practising in Kingston, Ontario, under the banner of Morley Law Office, I, Leslie H. Morley, can help you. I can be your advocate to delay or prevent deportation proceedings.

Unfortunate Risks of Not Having Citizenship Status

When you are still a permanent resident, you can be deported not only for infractions that happened in Canada, but also for incidents that occurred in your home country that were not properly disclosed and justified to authorities.

If you are facing deportation, you do have hope. You may simply need a lawyer to assert your case to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to demonstrate that you should be allowed to stay in this country. If you represent yourself, and even mistakenly misrepresent your circumstances, you could be subject to further sanction. As your lawyer, I can represent you at board and deportation appeal hearings.

Like all areas of immigration law, deportation is an area that is constantly in flux. Legislation is subject to frequent revision. Hiring an experienced lawyer who is committed to providing the best possible defence on your behalf is one way to help ensure you receive a fair hearing and your future is safeguarded. Since deportation proceedings are time-sensitive, it is important to secure legal counsel quickly.

Solicitor Serving Belleville: Helping You Stop Deportation

To obtain my services, a deportation lawyer in Kingston, get in touch with my office. I can be the advocate you need. Call me at 613‑542‑2192 in Kingston. You can also contact me online.

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