Lawyer for British Immigration to Canada

Helping British Residents Build a Life in Canada

As a member of the commonwealth, Canada has close historical and cultural ties to Britain and the United Kingdom. It is natural then, when global economies shift, for Britons to seek employment and educational and cultural opportunities in Canada. As an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer who is also a British citizen, I understand your needs and can help you to find the best legal route to Canada. My practice, which was established in 1988, is based in Kingston, Ontario, but serves all of Ontario and English-speaking Canada. I offer services to immigrants globally from my practice, run under the banner of Morley Law Office.

Reuniting Spouses and Family Members

Are we becoming a global village? One thing is certain: as Britons engage in broader and broader searches to realize their objective of creating a peaceful, productive and prosperous life, they are increasingly relocating abroad, and leaving some family members behind. Canada offers wide-open spaces, abundant economic opportunity and immigration programs that may allow you and your family members to be re-united here: in fact, re-uniting families in Canada is a stated objective of Canadian immigration law!

Sometimes British residents wish to unite with spouses with whom they have not had the opportunity to live together before. In the age of the internet, new committed relationships between persons who hold different citizenships are easily forged across international boundaries. When that happens the couple, whether the two parties are married, or in a common-law, conjugal or same-sex relationship, may choose to settle together in Canada if one of them holds Canadian permanent residency or citizenship or, even if they do not, but if they wish to work or study together here.

The benefit of hiring me as your immigration lawyer is my ability to ask the right questions about you and your reasons for wanting to come to Canada, and to offer informed legal advice about the most effective route for you to immigrate. My experience is that many of my clients were not aware of the diverse options to immigrate to Canada that are available to them.

Barrister & Solicitor Assisting British Immigrants to Come to Canada

While many persons may purport to offer immigration services, lawyers must meet rigorous educational and practice requirements to be admitted to the bar, are subject to strict ongoing professional regulation and continuing education, and must adhere to high standards of practice. You can rest assured that I am qualified to advise you, and I will do so in a way that complies with ethical and moral standards. I am pleased to discuss your immigration situation with you to assess how I may be of help. Please call me at 613‑542‑2192 in Kingston, Ontario. You are also welcome to contact me online.

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