Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Trust Based on Professional Ethical Standards, Knowledge and Accountability

As a prospective immigrant or foreign visitor to Canada, you may be concerned about hiring a lawyer. Many different kinds of services exist for people like you, and if you perceive your situation to be relatively straightforward, you may think a lawyer is unnecessary. However, a lawyer is the only class of professional that is regulated, meaning required to uphold high ethical standards; knowledgeable about the complex process of immigration; and university-educated respecting the legal environment in which immigration decisions must be made.

Not all advice, even expensive advice, is good. Bad advice can be very expensive not only because you must pay for an inferior product, but also because it can result in the delay or even termination of your plans to come to Canada. Take a look at what can happen:

Legal Counsel to Help with Your Immigration Needs

When you choose a professional to help you with your immigration to Canada, or to help with the immigration of a close family member, you place great trust in that professional to act in your best interests. An immigration professional should reward that trust by acting ethically and by having the education, specialized training, professional associations and experience that make him or her qualified to handle some of the most important legal procedures you will undertake in your life.

In order to make sure your interests are best served, it is important to obtain the services of a lawyer. I am proud of my work as an immigration lawyer in Canada, helping individuals and families relocate, uniting loved ones and advocating for those who need representation to overcome inadmissibility.

Learn more about immigration services and how a licensed lawyer benefits you, as well as how you can hire Les.

I am an active member of the Canadian Bar Association, an Executive member the Ontario Bar Association and the Frontenac Law Association, and former President of the Canadian Prison Law Association. My firm, Morley Law Office, which is located in Kingston, Ontario, is here to help you. As a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada—the body that regulates lawyers in Ontario—I have professional credentials that you can trust.

Understanding the Complexity of Immigration Law

When you submit your first application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a file will be created with the Canadian government. It is important to understand that any information you submit in future applications will be cross-checked with the information that was submitted before. Every day honest people find that inconsistencies in their communications with the immigration authorities come back to haunt them and threaten their plans to immigrate or remain in Canada. An experience immigration lawyer can ensure that your paperwork is properly completed and, if you run into trouble at a later date, can give you the legal representation you need.

The rules surrounding immigration and citizenship in Canada are constantly changing. As a lawyer who has spent more than 2 decades helping individuals and families immigrate, I am deeply knowledgeable about the process and see firsthand how things change. As a member of the legal community, I have access to colleagues within the profession to whom I can refer you if your specific legal issues fall outside of my areas of practice.

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Every day, honest people discover that immigration paperwork errors affect their status in Canada. Hiring a lawyer is one way to ensure you follow the right steps to satisfy the bureaucracy. To discuss your situation with me and learn why you need an immigration lawyer, contact my office. Call me at 613‑542‑2192 in Kingston or contact me online.

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