How Do I Hire Immigration Lawyer Les Morley?

Objective & Reasoned Advice

At Morley Law Office here in Kingston, Ontario, we frequently receive enquiries about specific aspects of immigration law. These enquiries are welcome. However, we struggle with the perception of many that immigration law is simple, that all that is needed is the answer to one specific question and that there is a clear-cut path to reach immigration goals.

If you want to have an immigration experience with a minimum of expense, delay and disruption, and with the assurance that a qualified professional has guided you through the process, we invite you to confer with us to discuss the benefits of retaining our firm.

Guiding You to the Right Questions & Answers

Part of my role as a lawyer is to provide you with comprehensive, accurate information as it relates to you personally, taking into account your specific goals and resources, and the application of the law to your circumstances.

I am often approached with specific questions by potential clients who believe that they know what immigration process is most appropriate for them to obtain status in Canada. For example, I may be asked how much it costs to get a work permit in Canada or how to answer a particular question on the work permit application form. Upon further discussion, however, it can become apparent that a permit is not needed for that particular person to work, that he or she is not eligible to obtain a work permit at all, that he or she has the option to apply for permanent residence or that he or she may even have a claim to Canadian citizenship.

In other words, when I was first approached for what seemed to be a simple request for information, I was asked the wrong question. Without the context provided to me, the person would have proceeded to apply for a work permit when that was not the best way for them to proceed.

In order for us to most effectively achieve your objectives, we must know about your personal circumstances. We need to know them because if we do not we cannot give you the best advice, and inappropriate advice helps no one. To best help you we need to know about you, your skills, your work experience, your educational credentials and what family members you have living in Canada. Armed with this information, we can advise you respecting the best process or processes to pursue in order to meet your immigration goals, and what the benefits or drawbacks there may be of each.

Conferring Together

We are retained either for a telephone or an in-office consultation, for either of which there is a set fee. There is a cost advantage in favour of the telephone conference, but otherwise they are equivalent, each lasting for up to one hour. In advance of the actual conference, my assistant will ask you some introductory questions and will request that you forward to us some documents respecting your identity, nationality, work history and education, and I review these before the conference. The retainer (my fee) can generally be deposited electronically.

During the conference, I will explore your background and objectives, looking for the best immigration processes for you to pursue. I will address your questions, identify potential obstacles to be overcome and in most cases can provide you at the end of the conference with my opinion respecting your best option, the cost to pursue it and the time it will take to complete the process.

Contact Morley Law Office

I am a barrister and solicitor authorized to practise in Ontario and to provide advice, file immigration applications and argue cases for clients across the country. I have clients in Kingston, Belleville, Brockville, Ottawa, elsewhere across Ontario, from other parts of Canada and from more than 100 countries throughout the world, including the United States and Great Britain.

To contact me, call me at 613‑542‑2192. You can also contact me online for more information.

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