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Making a Positive Choice for Your Future

The prospect of immigrating to Canada is challenging, exciting and intimidating for many people. When you are choosing to make this step and re-position yourself in the global community, you deserve sound, informed and comprehensible advice and guidance. I am Leslie H. Morley, counsel at Morley Law Office in Kingston, Ontario. The past 2 ½ decades of my professional career have been spent helping countless individuals and families to secure immigration status in Canada.

Legal Counsel to Help with Your Immigration Needs

When you choose a professional to help you with your immigration to Canada, or to help with the immigration of a close family member, you place great trust in that professional to act in your best interests. An immigration professional should reward that trust by acting ethically and by having the education, specialized training, professional associations and experience that make him or her qualified to handle some of the most important legal procedures you will undertake in your life.

In order to make sure your interests are best served, it is important to obtain the services of a lawyer. I am proud of my work as an immigration lawyer in Canada, helping individuals and families relocate, uniting loved ones and advocating for those who need representation to overcome inadmissibility.

Learn more about immigration services and how a licensed lawyer benefits you, as well as how you can hire Les.

Contact an Immigration Solicitor Serving Southern Ontario & Global Residents Seeking Access to Canada

To learn more about my legal services and how I may be able to help you, contact my office. I can be reached by calling 613‑542‑2192 in Kingston. You are also welcome to contact me online.

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