Are Canadians still a welcoming people?

by Les Morley|March 8, 2010| Immigration Trends,

According to a poll conducted by TransAtlantic Trends, the answer is “yes”.

Of the Canadians polled, only 25% felt that immigration was more of a problem than an opportunity, a lower percentage than for all other countries. Also, Canadians more than those of the other countries polled want immigrants to have the same political participatory rights as native-born citizens, and three-quarters of the Canadians polled support giving immigrants the same social benefits as native-born citizens.

Perhaps most surprising in these recessionary times, when there is a trend to nativism in most developed countries, two-thirds of Canadians disagreed that immigrants take away jobs from native-born workers, and almost two-thirds disagreed that immigrants bring down wages.

The results of the polling suggest that Canada is still a welcoming nation. To the immigrants and prospective immigrants out there, welcome to Canada!

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